Theresa grew up along the beautiful coasts of Wilmington, North Carolina where she resides today.  Her passion was and still is marine life, with particular emphasis on marine fishes.  She is currently working on breeding certain marine ornamental fish species in hopes to lesson collecting pressures on coral reefs.  She acquired an associates and bachelor’s degrees in marine biology and a master’s certificate in environmental studies.  She is a certified NC Environmental Educator, teaching environmental education to the general public as well as school groups from preschool to adult audiences.  In addition, she teaches art classes to students age 5 to adult. 
At a very early age, Theresa displayed great artistic talent.  Her father, Saant Celia, master of fine arts and art instructor began fine tuning her artistic ability by instructing her informally.  Once she entered high school, she began taking formal art lessons from her father out of his downtown art studio in Wilmington with other high school students.  From there, she produced a multitude of wildlife oil paintings of subjects throughout the World.    
Theresa paints in all media producing single species paintings, wildlife scenes, landscapes, and portraits.  She also creates sculptures.  Her work is displayed throughout Wilmington, NC as well as many other states within the country.  She had been commissioned to produce an entire series of local bird paintings and other wildlife artwork for the state of North Carolina’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources.  Theresa also produced wildlife art, mostly local bird species for the City of Wilmington and has been commissioned by many to paint portraits and various scenes and landscapes.  In addition, she was the biology club artist for the University of North Carolina- Wilmington for four years.  She is currently working on various projects producing the cover for several books, and is in the process of writing and illustrating her own book on local aquatic species.  Much of her work has won awards and has been exhibited in local galleries.

Theresa is a member of MASNA, NC Fossil Club, NC Shell Club, NC Coastal Federation, Sierra Club, Cape Fear Audubon Society, and NC Wildlife Artist Society.
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