After retiring from the U. S. Navy and raising 2 children Nancy started drawing and painting in watercolor for the first time in her life. She has studied with a number of watercolor artists and has taken some college courses in photography and art and has been working toward her Fine Arts degree, one or two classes at a time.
She has been painting and photographing for over 6 years and has recently relocated to Carteret County. Most of her current work reflects Coastal Carolina landscapes. Nancy started birding several years ago and enjoys taking a day with camera in hand to go out and see what new types of birds she can find. She says sometimes when you are quiet enough you can get pretty close to birds and they will pose for you and other times all you see is a quick flutter of wings.  Both of these are enjoyable and on days when the birds elude her, she looks around for other wildlife or flora to photograph.

In the studio, Nancy uses these photos to compose paintings and studies every detail of a bird she paints so it is as accurate as possible. She also researches her subject matter in her photography and is willing to share what she has learned about each subject.  For additional information  you may contact Nancy at or 252-648-8214.


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