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Susan Mason

I grew up in Atlantic and live there now.  Atlantic is located at the end of the road , at the end of US highway 70. Those of us who live there feel fortunate. I recently returned to Atlantic after teaching in Arctic Alaska for 21 years.   I see many similarities between Atlantic and the villages where I lived. I found cultures that respect the natural world and value community.  I found great natural beauty in both places. The images you see in my show were taken living in this special place at the end of the road and on my travels to and fro living east of North River bridge which is the demarcation point defining "Down East".I feel that I am so fortunate because God has blessed my life by giving me visual gifts every day.   They don't cost me anything but time.My philosophy of photography is take lots of photos and the chances you have some good ones will increase.     My philosophy makes me think of something my dad used to say,  "Even a blind hog will find an acorn every now and then. "These images are some of my favorites and represent my love for the natural world and "Down East" Carteret County