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JP Edwards

Born and raised in Smithfield, North Carolina, J.P. was exposed to wildlife and art at a very young age. His mother was an avid artist and his father took him on hunting and fishing trips, so it was a natural fit for him to become a wildlife artist.

Although his art career started as a graphic designer/illustrator in New York City after graduating from Appalachian State University, he has come full circle back to his home state were he has found a new devotion to wildlife art, which has always been his true passion. Although J.P. has been drawing and painting wildlife subjects as long as he can remember, he is considered a newcomer to the wildlife art industry. Now that J.P. has started to show his talent to others he has already made an impact on the wildlife art world. J.P. took top honors in the 2009 Nevada Duck Stamp, 2010 Michigan Duck Stamp, and was also named 2010 Idaho Ducks Unlimited "Sponsor Artist of the year". His proudest accomplishment as an artist is being featured in the 2010 North Carolina Wildlife Calendar.

Now that J.P. is being recognized for his wildlife art he is building his portfolio with paintings ranging from waterfowl, marine life and large animals. As a outdoor enthusiast J.P. also considers conservation an important part of his passion, believing it is our duty to help preserve nature and the balance it gives us.